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by Uthink in on May 13, 2020

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TapTap is a feature-rich and wildly customizable mobile navigation solution for WordPress that gives your visitors a tailored browsing experience. It blends seamlessly into any WordPress site, offers the convenience to hide your existing theme menu, and that’s just the start of it.

We’re confident that TapTap is the most advanced WordPress mobile navigation solution available anywhere!

  • Endless Customization Possibilities
    Add button labels, change colors, opacities, animation speeds, alignments, font sizes, letter spacing, heading height etc. Individually fine-tune the menu and search button as well as the logo position, use your theme fonts and so, so much more. Width hundreds of settings, TapTap’s customization possibilities are truly remarkable.
  • Logo, Search, etc.
    Moving beyond just a simple menu, TapTap integrates a fully customizable logo location and search function. There’s also heading text and image positions, all fully customizable. Optionally, you can disable any elements you
  • Features:
    • Show only on mobile, desktop, or both
    • Optionally hide your theme menu, header etc.
    • Customize flyout width/height
    • Fade or slide in from 4 directions
    • Set custom animation speeds (super smooth CSS animations)
    • Optionally show submenu when current
    • Open submenus with full menu item or arrow indicator only
    • Extend purpose of menu with included widget location
    • Customizable styled scrollbar (visible on desktop)
    • ‘Smart header’ functionality
    • Use theme fonts on any element (menu items, button labels etc)
    • Preview customizations as you’re making them, in real-time
    • 600+ icons included
    • Hide on specified posts/pages

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